About us

Company History

Aptus Solutions Limited was formed in 1998 with a vision of providing IT solutions and consulting services. Its first project was a self-funded project called F.I.N.D. which aimed at creating an electronic directory that would be distributed globally to institutions and individuals - primarily within Tanzania. Global distribution was planned for Tanzanian Embassies, missionaries and travel agents outside of Tanzania.

In 2005, Aptus entered the computer wholesale market. Aptus would often consult its clients and recommend products which the clients would not be able to source immediately from the local market. The delay and high cost of importing special order items forced Aptus to enter the computer wholesale market. This diversification was in line with the objective of providing business solutions.

Maisha Broadband was founded in 2011 by Aptus Solutions that provides unique internet solutions from Hotspot Services & Home Broadband Plans around the City Centre to Business Broadband & Dedicated internet plans all over Dar-es-salaam.

TwigaTrack services by Aptus Solutions provides Asset Management - from basic tracking for vehicles & personal trackers for cash/valuables to complete management solutions for power generators and vehicles including route planning, delivery tracking, fuel management, and engine maintenance records.